Sorors and Participants at our College Prep Program

Theta Rho Sigma Chapter believes in working directly with our community partners. We conduct workshops, teen programs and financial forums to directly impact those in need of this information most. We firmly believe in uplifting and sustaining the community we live in. Without them we will not exist and it is only befitting of our service organization to give back and do what is best for our community. Community involvement is key to who we are as an organization and we want the community to know that we are here and are On Fire to Serve! It is crucial that we work so closely to the community to ensure that we are true to our Sorority Motto, Great Service, Greater Progress.

Healthy Choices: Explores the importance of self love, a positive self image and self respect. The program educates participants on ways to make the best decisions for their physical and mental well being, how to determine the health and well-being best practices for their home and community and how to protect the future for themselves and/or their children.
Healthy Living emphasizes a healthy lifestyle by exploring ways to develop and maintain good physical and mental health for yourself, your children and to help develop a healthy community.

Healthy Generations includes the importance of prenatal care and healthy baby services. Through our April Shower, we provide community wide education about the importance of and access to early and regular prenatal care for young mothers, information and access to community resources and exposure and relationships with adults that will enhance young mothers’ capacity for self-sufficiency and broaden their life options.

Through our Girls RHOck program, Theta Rho Sigma addresses Healthy Choices, Healthy Living and Healthy Generations.  Girls RHOck! is a five series workshop designed to provide young ladies between the ages of 12 to 14 with a foundation in personal and social development. Participants will be engaged in workshops centered around Education and Careers, Health and Hygiene, Entrepreneurship, Self-Esteem, and Sisterhood. Sponsored by the Trendsetting Divas of the Theta Rho Sigma chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated, it is our mission to ensure that all young ladies have the knowledge to begin to make Healthy Choices and Healthy Living.

 Healthy Choices, Healthy Living, Healthy Generations